We came across this mailbox on our latest outing in the country.

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Where I live

These photos were all taken in or from my yard/garden in the last month.
I am still in shock that I have so many flowers blooming in the middle of winter, but I 
am certainly enjoying their color.
Granted, it doesn't get as cold as Kansas, but it's still winter ;)


castlecliff beach, whanganui

We drove down to Whanganui on Sunday and visited Castlecliff Beach. It was a bit nippy and
very few people were around but the scenery was mysterious and magical.

It amazing to think that all this driftwood had been washed down the Whanganui River
and then washed up on the beach. This uprooted tree was about 90 feet long!


roses from Hubby

Hubby surprises me with flowers now and then and
he brought me roses a while back.